targt 4 doubts........pzzzzz hlp.....for Q.7,Q.38,Q.39

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targt 4 doubts........pzzzzz hlp.....for Q.7,Q.38,Q.39

Postby abhi0787 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:44 am

Q.7) the answer is "half wave rectifier"...bt im unable 2 undrstnd that even if the diode is reverse biased in the -ve half cyle the voltage at inverting terminal would be equal 2 the non inverting terminal i.e the i/p voltage.......By virtual ground concept.

Q.38)In the current mirror ckt. the video xplanation says that v(BE)=I.R.but the voltage across the resistor will not be Equal to V(BE) since there will be Voltage drops across the Gate-source of the two MOSFET's i.e.V(gs).Therefore the voltage across the resistor should be less than V(BE)value.

Q.39)According to the video discussion the gain of differential amplifier is 1/2GmRc..ok but here Rc is connected in parallel with R.Therefore its gain will be 1/2Gm(Rc//R)....pzzz help.........
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