To become a moderator of this forum

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To become a moderator of this forum

Postby Administrator » Sat May 26, 2007 1:07 pm

To become a moderator, you will first need to participate actively in discussions of this forum. OR you should have participated in the previous year forums. You may quote your previous forum's username while contacting me to be a moderator of this forum.

We need two kinds of moderators :
1. Board Moderators : You will have to go through the normal discussions, and if found spam, you will have to delete it. Users' messages posting unnecessary or irrelevant messages, or shouting, abusing, etc. in the forum will also lie under your purview. You may be able to do various things ranging from processing a queue, to posting warnings to certain users indulging in malpractices.

2. Technical Moderators : There will be lots of Technical queries in the forum, especially now that the users can upload their question in the form of images etc. If you are good in your subject, you may mention the particular areas where you are strong, and you may be able to moderate in those forums. We invite all IITians, IISc'ians, NIT'ians, students of all the good colleges (mentioning them here may not be possible), our previous students, etc. to moderate this forum as technical moderators.

3. Grandmasters : Grandmasters will be virtuosos in their fields. They will be posting their own quizzes / contests in our forum, and moderating in these quizzes. The quizzes might be submitted in paper to us and we will do the designing and uploading part for you, if it is difficult for you to do so. If you think you fit the bill, send in your own profile with a technical quiz made by you, and we will take it further. We do not have any prescribed format for such games. You are free to device (or get it designed by us) your own formats.

To become a moderator, please send in your profile with vital facts, which you think would matter to us, while considering making you a moderator.
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