Coming---I miss you 24 hours

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Coming---I miss you 24 hours

Postby allisony » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:54 pm

24 is my favorite tv show ever. season 8, especially the beginning, wasnt to great. But 24 has always been an amazing show. seasons 2,4,5,7 were the best while 1 and 6 were good but 3 and 8 were just ok. There's so much to talk about. season 8 did have its moments including an emp and the death of renee. the side stories were awful though. 7 started off awesome slowed down toward end after Jumas death, redemption was AMAZING. 6 was ok but the family stuff was kindof strange. 5 was the highlight of 24 charles logan was a great character, it was an epic season. 4 was pretty good nothing was to special though. i didn't like 3, I though it was a little over the top. Chapelles death was epic though. 2 was good and 1 was ok but the teri & Kim story became tiring. Every season is still worth watching.

24 Hours DVD 1-8
The L Word DVD 1-6
Medium DVD 1-6
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7
Desperate Housewives DVD 1-6
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Re: Coming---I miss you 24 hours

Postby vijayendra123 » Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:25 pm

Kindly refrain your self from posting such things.

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