am I eligible for gate 2014?

Eligibility for GATE Exam

am I eligible for gate 2014?

Postby nitin2463614 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:12 pm

I am studying in final year in computer engineering.But I am failed in 2 subjects in 6th semester.I am going to clear these 2 subjects on the next december exam along with 7th semester of final year.In mumbai university if a student is failed in 2 subjects in 3rd year then he is considered to be passed and he can attend the college for final year.Am I eligible for gate 2014 or do I have to clear 2 subjects of 3rd year first and then apply for gate?
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Re: am I eligible for gate 2014?

Postby pitbuljain » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:52 am

No.. you cleared the all semester exams and don't have any back. If you want to improve ranking in Gate exam and crack the IIT. I am given the online institute name as "Nodia Publication".He is providing the best services & will for gate exam.
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